Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corner of the Universe

Highlight of the Day:
Went over to Tom and Brynns today for some fun and games! Played some perpetual commotion which i haven't played in forever! Whenever i play i always think of playing it at otway with laura davis :) good times. I just love board games. They are so much fun and bring people together! I could play board games all day....but i don't think there is anyone else who would want to do that i guess i'm out of luck!

Picture of the Day:
Mountains in New Zealand. Beautiful. Take me there now please?

Song of the Day:
This is Our Song by Camp Rock 2 Cast
Okay so i'm not a huge jonas or demi fan but i love this song. i can't help but smile every time i listen to it. It just makes me happy inside! Reminds me of summer, good times and good friends. :)
Thought of the Day:
So tonight i went a laid out on the blob deck and star gazed. Just sitting there and looking up into the sky made me realize how big the universe is and how small i am compared to it. Just thinking about the universe overwhelms me. There is so much more to this life then my little bubble that i am in. This world, this universe, is so incredible and amazing and i haven't even begun to experience it and all its wonders that it holds. As i take in these thoughts of mine i can't help but feel safe and at peace. The one who created this universe, the sun, the moon, every star in the sky, this world...he also created me. and if he can create this entire universe and hold it in his hands, then how can he not take care of me. We are even more important to him then the stars in the sky. Nothing is impossible for him. He created everything around us. He made every little piece of this universe. What greater thing is there? There is nothing He can't do. and even though we are a tiny little piece of his creation, even though we are just a corner of this universe, he still loves us and cares for us. How great is that?

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